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contractor in cedarhurst

Located  in the town of Hempstead on Long Island's South Shore, the village of Cedarhurst makes up about 1 square mile and houses more than 2,000 families. Incorporated in 1910, Cedarhurst was once named Ocean Point, but was renamed in 1884, after the trees that adorned the newly established post office. If you're a resident of this charming village, desiring to make your house into a warm, welcoming home, 1A Contracting will help make your vision a reality.


What 1A Contracting Can Do For You

If your kitchen counters are outdated or your kitchen cabinets are not what they once used to be, consider hiring a contractor in Cedarhurst, NY from 1A Contracting. Our professional team can inform you about the many possibilities based on your budget and wishes. Whether you want marble or granite counter tops, or pine, maple or dark cherry cabinets, 1A Contracting can make it happen. We will makeover your entire kitchen top to bottom.  We specialize in flooring and will install the latest kitchen appliances. Our contractor in Cedarhurst also pays attention to details such as decorative accessories that will turn your kitchen into the go-to area of your home. Ask about our stylish fixtures and faucets, and consider having our team give your kitchen a paint job for a finishing touch. 

If you consider your bathroom or basement the eyesore of your home, consult our contractor in Cedarhurst about improvements and restorations. 1A Contracting is a certified remodeling specialist, which guarantees that our team has the needed expertise, skills and tools, to transform your bathroom or basement into a functional, aesthetically appealing room that you can enjoy for many years to come. Our contractor in Cedarhurst will masterfully complete any job, no matter how large or how small. Whether you just want to replace the light fixtures and faucets or do a complete overhaul and replace the shower and bath facilities, plumbing and heating, and cabinets and flooring, our professionals will get the job done. 

Even if your home is already the dream home that you've always wanted, having 1A Contracting's phone number on hand is a must, because you can always fall victim to flooding and water damage. Our contractor in Cedarhurst specializes in restoration and repair of flood and water damage. Whether it's scratch removal, or roof and floor repair or replacement, 1A Contracting has the team for the job and will restore your home back to the dream home you've come to love and cherish.


Why Choose 1A Contracting?

If your one of the many business owners in Cedarhurst, or if you're starting up a new business, don't hesitate to consult us about transforming your business into the way you dreamed it. Similar to our residential services, our contractor in Cedarhurst specializes in large and small scale commercial remodeling and restoring services. We can make the exterior and interior of your business visually appealing so that it attracts customers and makes for a pleasant work environment. Hiring our expert team might be the difference between running a successful business or a flash in the pan.  We, at, want you to have a long living successful business.

Hiring a contractor in Cedarhurst won't disappoint, because we don't just makeover your property, we use your vision and aim to realize it with the budget available. Our work speaks for itself. Just take a look at some of the before, during, and after photos at 1A Contracting - Services.