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About Island Park

contractor in island parkIsland Park is located in Nassau County in New York. The entire community is only about 1.5 miles in diameter. Around 5,000 people reside in Island Park, and while this was an area once thought of as a resort community, there are now many homes that have families where people reside year round.

What 1A Contracting Can Do For You

There are a host of reasons that you may need to use a contractor in the area. If you are planning a renovation to your home, our contracting services can relieve some of the headache that is often associated with this type of project. A kitchen remodel is something that many homeowners are interested in. The kitchen is often the center of the home, and you want to make sure that this area is exactly how you want it. Remodeling the kitchen can provide you with a new space for entertaining. There are many levels of remodeling that can be completed in the kitchen area. Whether you are preparing for a small project, or large project in the kitchen area, a contractor can make sure that this job goes smoothly.


Bathroom remodeling is another area where a contractor in Island Park can be of assistance. 1A Contracting has a great deal of experience with remodeling bathrooms. Many homeowners are tempted to complete a bathroom remodeling job without assistance. This can actually create a host of problems if you do not fully know what you are doing. The work on the home often has to be able to pass codes, and remodeling a bathroom without this knowledge can present a very troublesome situation.

A basement is an area that many people do not use for much more than storage in the home. A contractor in Island Park can help you to take an unfinished basement and turn it into a wonderful finished space that has a great deal of potential. This can allow you to have a new room for entertaining, or you may be interested in adding more bedrooms to your home. A contractor in Island Park can help you to create the vision and make it happen.

New flooring can have a dramatic effect on the home. A contractor in Island Park can show you all of the latest flooring options. They can also help to look at the traffic and design of your home to suggest the best options for your needs. Many people do not realize the many choices in flooring and the durability factor of each type. A contractor in Island Park can give you some great guidance when it comes to all of the best options for your home. It can be important to have an idea of what you may like in your home, and you can provide this contractor with these options.


Why Chose 1A Contracting?

1A Contracting can help you with all of your home improvements both interior and exterior. They have a high level of professionalism that you can count on in your home. High quality of work is the top priority for this contractor in Island Park, and this can ensure that you have the best work completed in your home. Hiring a contractor can be the first step in getting all of the work you need completed on your home in a quality manner, and this will provide you with a great peace of mind.


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