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In Nassau County, New York, USA sits the quaint Village of Lynbrook. William Hendrick is the current mayor of the city. Lynbrook is popular for being the place where the popular sitcom, 'Everybody Loves Raymond', is situated. The Lynbrook library has many services to offer. They have talking books, museum passes and career resources. Lynbrook was able to achieve third place in America's favorite park competition. There are many other activities that take place every year in the village like roller hockey, wrestling, football and the like. People can apply for permits for picnic areas and parks to use for recreational purposes.

What 1A Contracting Can Do For You

1A Contracting is the best contractor in the Village of Lynbrook currently. They offer a host of different services to their customers. Bathroom remodeling projects are started with minimal hassles and are finished very quickly. This is also amongst their most popular services. This contractor in Lynbrook is also a window and door company. They are able to install windows and doors for the corporate sector as well. They can work with nearly all materials and can produce windows and doors of all sizes.  Decking services will transform the backyard into a beautiful getaway for residents. All custom orders can be tackled with great efficiency.

  1A Contracting's team specializes in working with unique designs. Kitchen Remodeling transforms the client's kitchen. The place has been called the heart of the entire house and the team understands that very well. Painting and Roofing can be done as well. Entire houses or specific rooms will both be served.   Carpentry and Flooring is also provided. Flood repair and water damage services are for times when the beloved home has suffered from extreme water damage. Do not believe the neighbours that say the house is beyond repairs. The 1A Contracting company can mend it all.

The contractor in Lynbrook can also remodel basements. 1A Contracting also has floor repair services available. They can work with wood and tiles equally well. The job will be done with minimal hassle. As can be seen from above, this contractor in Lynbrook is able to provide a whole variety of services. They can be called for all house-related problems.


Why Choose 1A Contracting?

Simply because they are the most professional contractors in the area. They specialize in everything that has anything to do with home improvement services. Furthermore, they are able to work equally well for both commercial and residential customers. The team has had plenty of experience in the field so there is no way they will ever go wrong. The contractor in Lynbrook promises to complete the project without disrupting the daily routines too much. The team understands that life has to go on in the household so they will go out of their way to make sure that they are not disturbing the residents or the business happenings too much. They also realize the importance of time. The team will endeavor to simply go in and then come out. They do not want to take up months and months of their clients' time. For these two reasons alone, all people looking to improve their houses or offices should call us for more information: 516-280-5390 or email us at