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Merrick is a hamlet in New York City suburbs with a population of about 22,097. It's located in the Town of Hempstead and has a Long Island Rail Road station connecting it directly with New York City. Its name comes from the original Native American word "Meroke." It was originally colonized around 1643 by Puritans. It was a popular destination for buccaneers during the War of 1812, due to its access to Jones Inlet. Methodists flocked to Merrick heavily during the 1860's, seeing it as some sort of Mecca of religious activity. A variety of notable people originated in Merrick, such as Ed Begley and son Ed Begley jr, a founder of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, a founder of Mad Magazine, and Lindsey Lohan. There are a wide variety of buildings that require a high quality contractor in Merrick.


What 1A Contracting Can Do For You

If you are looking for a contractor in Merrick that can do interior and exterior remodeling jobs, you can't go wrong with 1A Contracting. 1A offers a wide variety of services in both, making them a great "one-stop-shop" for all your remodeling needs. Once you try 1A Contracting, you're not likely to trust another contractor in Merrick again.

Bathroom Remodeling requires creating a creative new style with great tiles, new sinks, and brand new cupboards. 1A Contracting knows all the best water saving toilets and sinks on the market and can help save you thousands of dollars a year on your water bill.

1A Contracting also offers the best kitchen remodeling service in Merrick. Simply put, no other contractor in Merrick offers the same kind of style and money saving deals. Your old fashioned, stained kitchen tiles, cupboards, and doors will be replaced with by highly fashionable, stain-free updates. You'll no longer be embarrassed to invite friends over for a cooking party!

However, the most difficult and time consuming remodeling jobs are exterior remodeling jobs. 1A Construction offers the lowest priced, highest quality exterior redesigns in Merrick. No other contractor in Merrick offers the kind of exterior remodeling quality to match that of 1A Contracting.

First of all, 1A will remove your drafty windows and doors and replace them with energy saving models. These doors and windows are designed to fit snugly in your home and block the cold and heat from leaking too much in or out of your home, keeping you nice and comfortable.

1A Contracting also offers the best updates and repairs to your deck, brand new shingles and roofing structures, all new paint jobs on the interior and exterior of your home, new wood flooring, and can even add all new additions to your home. It also offers low cost flood and water damage repair.


Why Choose 1A Contracting?

1A Contracting is the most experienced contractor in Merrick. It has served Merrick and the surrounding area for decades and is the one contractor that everybody knows they can trust. Every remodeling specialist at 1A is fully licensed, regularly tested, and updated on the newest remodeling techniques and styles. They will work directly with you on every step of the remodeling process. You will make the ultimate decision on the designs, the materials used, and will be regularly appraised of the progress. Call 516-280-5390 for all your remodeling needs.