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About Point Lookout, NY

The 1A team delivers the best results in Point Lookout, NY

Located on the east portion of the Long Beach Barrier Island, the community of Point Lookout, NY is a small but lively neighborhood. Composed of only .2 square miles, Point Lookout's population is roughly 1,500 people and 650 households. Point Lookout is a quaint little neighborhood offering lovely views of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Reynolds Channel, surrounded by both. This small town is known for its cute neighborhoods with beautiful homes. Point Lookout residents in need of a great contracting service to keep up this reputation turn to 1A Contracting, a local company.

What 1A Contracting Can Do For You

1A is a full service Contractor in Point Lookout and offers a wide variety of services for nearly any contracting need. A common feature for Point Lookout homes is a deck for having company over as well as for everyday summer evenings when the weather is nice. 1A Contracting services can build a custom deck and repair or upgrade an existing deck. The company offers a broad range of options that will make any backyard a favorite neighborhood destination.

The top Contractor in Point Lookout also specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. No job is too large or too small for 1A. Their qualified contractors can take on a complete recreation of a room, or simply install some new appliances. The options that are available to those who would like to remodel are limitless. 1A Contracting has many different flooring styles including tile and hardwood flooring. Counter top space can be completely redefined with 1A's wide selection of granite and marble counter tops. 1A has experience in creating idiosyncratic additions to homes that are sure to delight.

Every home can use a new paint job. 1A Contractors are happy to complete this pesky task for those that can't be bothered to complete the task themselves or don't know how to properly complete the job. 1A Contractors can complete interior paint jobs as well as exterior paint jobs. These Contractors can completely repaint the interior or exterior of a home, or they can simply provide a fresh coat of paint to a room or two that you'd like to liven up a bit.

Unfortunately, many area homes suffer from damage due to to flooding or other water damage. You can reverse this damage with the top Contractor in Point Lookout. 1A Contracting can first assess the damage that has been done. Then, the contractors can work with you to determine what corrections need to be made and what the price point for these fixes is fair. Finally, the Contractor in Point Lookout will complete the required work and your home will be restored to its original elegance. Additionally, 1A can respond immediately to a water crisis to minimize the damage that can be done.


Why Choose 1A Contracting?

1A has been in the business, serving the Long Island communities for years having the experience and work ethic to successfully complete any project that you'd like completed. 1A Contracting services puts a great deal of emphasis on the quality of work they complete and hold themselves to a high standard of ethics. Be sure to contact this Contractor in Point Lookout for any contracting needs you may have today. They can be reached by phone 516-280-5390, get in touch via email at Furfill your contracting needs by reaching out to the masterful team at 1A Contracting now!