House Raising and House Lifting

1A Contracting Lifts Houses on Long Island.

NY Rising Contractor

1A Contracting is a NY Rising Contractor for anyone wishing to raise their storm damaged home on Long Island, NY. We specialize in raising houses, lifting homes and getting people back to a better way of life better than before. All of our lives were turned upside down by hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Based in the Long Beach, NY area and having seen the devastation wrought by Sandy, we dedicated ourselves to assisting local homeowners with repairs and renovations. Thankfully, many more people are receiving the funds they need to raise their homes so we have been busy raising houses and are available to help with your home lifting project.

Call Dave today, 516-280-5390 and talk to this local contractor with experience in raising houses and dealing with all local authorities, building departments and zoning boards.

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