Long Island Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling by 1AContracting of Long Island.

Homeowners interested in getting a Long Island Bathroom Remodeling project underway with minimal hassle yet maximum satisfaction should talk with our experts at 1A Contracting. Throughout our years of providing professional service, Long Island bathroom remodeling has been one of our many requested services. Homeowners choose 1A Contracting for a variety of reasons, but most of all because we work as partners with our homeowner clients to achieve the bathroom of their dreams within the parameters of their established budget.

Bathroom Remodeling by 1A Contracting on Long Island


Why not do it yourself?

A properly done bathroom remodeling project is definitely not a job for the do it yourselfer if you want it done right and have it  pass building code inspection. Our technicians at 1A Contracting can handle Long Island bathroom remodeling projects from the very simple to the very complex. Our experienced professionals make smaller, outdated bathrooms much more spacious and older bathrooms more beautiful and functional. Because our company is a certified remodeling specialist, our design and remodeling team has the skills and equipment necessary to handle any scope of bathroom remodeling project quickly and efficiently, using the best quality materials and products for a superior end result.

Whether you simply want to spruce up your bathroom by installing new faucets and fixtures, upgrade the lighting, or are considering a total transformation of your existing bathroom including new construction, the installation of new bath and shower facilities, toilet, vanity, plumbing and radiant floor heating, you can trust 1A Contracting to deliver a Long Island bathroom remodeling project that will last for years to come in addition to making your bathroom a much more beautiful, pleasant and pampering place to spend time.

Why choose 1A for your Long Island Bathroom Remodeling Project?

1A Contracting has consistently been the number one choice selected by discriminating homeowners for well-done Long Island bathroom remodeling projects because we have developed a reputation for service, quality and honesty. We will work with you right from the start of your remodeling plans, incorporating your desires and dreams to create the bathroom that you envision.  We accomplish all of this in a short amount of time all while creating minimal disruption for your household yet at the same time assuring you of quality craftsmanship for a beautifully remodeled bathroom that you can be proud of.

All of our Long Island bathroom remodeling projects are backed by our 100 percent guarantee of satisfaction, covering all parts and labor supplied by 1A Contracting. You definitely won’t encounter any stressful remodeling horror stories when you work with the professionals at 1A Contracting. What you can be sure of is a newly designed bathroom that is well lit, well ventilated and featuring all of the amenities that help to transform old, outdated bathrooms into wonderful personal spas.