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When your beloved home suffers water damage, 1A Contracting is there to help with our Long Island Flood Repair services. Our team of professionals strives to quickly and smoothly get your home up and running again. With our help you can easily put a flood event behind you and get on with your day to day life.

Flood Damage Repairs by 1A Contracting - Long Island


How can a house get water damage?

You hoped it would never happen to you, one of your worst fears. But things happen. A torrential downpour brings a river of water rushing into your home. A pipe bursts and suddenly your floor is covered with several inches of water. You start running a bath when an emergency comes up and you have to leave, but you forget to turn off the faucet. Your toddler flushes Mr. Bear down the toilet causing it to overflow. A broken tree branch punctures your roof during a storm.

These events can happen to anyone at any time. Whether a flash flood or human error, major or minor, hurricane or waterbed; our Long Island Flood Repair Service will make your home livable and safe again.

We understand how important it is for you to feel secure in your home. Our Long Island Flood Repair service offers timely solutions for your water damage issues. As trained professionals, we ensure exceptional quality repair that will leave you satisfied and happy you called 1A Contracting’s Long Island Flood Repair service.

What are the 1A Specialties?

Our Long Island Flood Repair experts specialize in various services such as bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, window and door installation/repair, decking, painting, roofing, carpentry, flooring, and other general construction work and repair for your home or business.


!A Contracting Long Island for Flood Damage Repairs


What can a flood do to your house?

Various issues can arise in the event that your house floods. The cause of the flood alone might need to be repaired, like in the case of a sudden hole in the roof from a tree. In this instance, 1A Contracting’s Long Island Flood Repair can fix or replace any type of roof such as shingles, shakes, tiles, etc. In general, damages to your home from a flood could include flooring and subflooring, carpet, drywall, insulation, paneling, cabinets, the list goes on.

Apart from water, other damages include mold and mildew. Our Long Island Flood Repair team will take care of replacing anything tainted with mold or mildew. The odors alone can permeate through porous surfaces. While not obviously damaged, the smell from mold and mildew can linger for months or even years. Leave it to 1A Contracting’s Long Island Flood Repair to take care of this issue so the next time you have guests over they will have no idea that your house was recently the victim of a flood.

At 1A Contracting, our mission is to return your home to its pre-flood condition if not better! Quality Long Island Flood Repair is guaranteed!