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Long Island Flooring

long island flooring

If you are a home or business owner searching for a Long Island flooring service provider, look no further. The team at 1A Contracting can assist you with all of your flooring needs. The experts at 1A Contracting provide various Long Island flooring services for remodeling and new flooring installations. In addition, our enthusiastic and professional team provides quality services and excellent workmanship. Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed in every flooring project that our company does.


Commercial and Residential Long Island Flooring Services


At 1A Contracting, we provide flooring services for both commercial and residential markets. We recognize the difficulty of deciding the right flooring for every home and office. Thus, we offer our expert advice on the best flooring options to use.


Various Flooring Options That We Provide


We provide various Long Island flooring options to our clients. Hardwood floors are elegant flooring options, which can add depth as well as a unique character to any room. There is a wide array of hardwood types. However, the most popular ones include the red and white oak, cherry, maple, hickory and white ash. This flooring option can be customized to your needs and preferences. This will not only add beauty to a home but also increases its value.


hardwood floor

Bamboo is another flooring option that we offer. This is considered as an eco-friendly flooring option. In addition, this is also fire resistant. Engineered flooring is a common Long Island flooring option. This is composed of a hardwood core, a high density fiberboard or plywood, and a hardwood veneer on the topmost layer. This is sturdy and resistant to humidity. Linoleum is composed of linseed oil, wood flour, and limestone and tree resin. This flooring option is extremely durable and low maintenance. This also comes in various patterns as well as colors.


Stone flooring is a timeless flooring option. This flooring type exudes organic beauty. This option comes in a wide array of choices like slate, granite, marble, onyx, limestone and travertine. This option is durable, easy to clean and fire resistant. Ceramic flooring is a common flooring found in many homes. Ceramic tiles are actually easy to clean and maintain. In addition, this is also a durable option if this is properly cared for. Carpet is another common flooring option for residential structures. The basic styles of this flooring option include Saxony, cable, looped, textured and cut and loop.




1A Contracting Services - Long Island Flooring

Providing You with High Quality Flooring Services


1A Contracting aims to provide the best quality Long Island flooring services. Our expert team ensures that every client is satisfied with the flooring service regardless of whether the project is for new installs or remodeling. If you need any flooring service, 1A Contracting is here to assist you with all of your flooring needs.



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