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If you’ve been looking for a Long Island window and door company, your search is over. 1A Contracting is the Long Island answer for those businesses and homeowners that want any window, any size, and want it done right. We specialize in installing and repairing windows and doors. We install many of windows each year, and can install any type of glazing. Large picture windows, vinyl double-paned glass of any size, and from any manufacturer. With doors, we install sliding glass doors, thresholds and specialty items like French doors and kitchen doors. We also do special installations to accommodate disabled persons.


Why look for a Long Island window and door installation company?


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Over the years, the efficiency of windows to save energy has increased dramatically. If your windows are over twenty years old, there is a good chance that you are paying way too high an energy bill. In the summer, the glazing helps keep your conditioned environment from drawing in unconditioned air. In the winter, windows need to help prevent the loss of heat. With the latest developments in window frames, double-paned glass and gas filled windows, you can get your energy bill to show immediate savings. As far as home improvements go, replacing windows doesn’t just increase the equity value of your home, it gives you immediate savings of real money that already belongs to you.


Why go with 1A Contracting for your Long Island window and door installation?


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We know we are not the only Long Island window and door installers out there, but we feel we’re the best. When you call, we’ll send one of our glazing specialists to find out what it is that you need to replace, and find out what the best options are for your situation. Every home is a little different, and not all customers want the same thing. We listen first to make sure we hear what you want. Then, we recommend the products we feel will answer your needs. For those customers that already have certain products in mind, and just need careful, reliable installers, we can work with you as well. We will always put in windows and doors to manufacturer specifications. No matter who supplies them.

When our workers show up they are bright eyed, on time, clean cut experts of Long Island window and door installation. We always maintain safe, clean work environments, and we’ll gladly take the discarded windows with us for proper recycling. We here at 1A Contracting are proud to be the answer for our Long Island neighbors who are looking to make improvements on their homes.